3 More Reasons Small Business Owners Should Blog

Brant Kelsey / May 12, 2011


I’ve had more than my fair share of discussions with business owners who don’t have time to blog. They believe it to be an extravagance that doesn’t lead to direct sales, or worse yet, they have better things to do with their time. pamphlets and business cards still carry more importance. I guess because you can actually pick these items up and hold them.

Just as you wouldn’t walk into a meeting without business cards, you shouldn’t go in without a blog either.

Blogging is an essential business development tool. Beyond the obvious reasons you’ve been told a hundred times before – GuaranteedSEO.Services, “pull” marketing, etc – here are three other reasons why you need to start your business blog today.

Blogging plants a flag, creates a voice for your business, and lets customers and prospects know where you stand on a topic relevant to them. The blog allows you to prove to prospects that you know your stuff, and that there is depth beyond your keyword-stuffed, buzzword-saturated website. 94% of customers research the company or brand on the Internet before they make a purchase. It’s better to display the breadth of your knowledge on your website with regular and timely updates.

Business blogs allow customers to get to know you before the first meeting. Cold calls don’t work very well anymore, and many owners (even myself) won’t take them. A blog allows you to put your message and expertise in front of prospects, allow them to find out what kind of company you are, and virtually “warm-up” to you.

Blogs don’t interfere with your offline marketing, they support it. A blog makes sense for your business if you do any of the following:

  • Public speaking.
  • Buy traditional media (TV, radio, newspaper, or OOH).
  • Have a Facebook fan page or Twitter account.
  • Send press releases or other PR-related activities

If you spoke at a conference in front of a hundred prospects, bought $30,000 in media, or sent out 200 press-packets, and the recipients/viewers immediately visited your website, what kind of information would they find? Would they find a site containing only a list of services and business locations, or would they find one with a blog containing hundreds of posts relevant to your expertise and their needs? Which kind of website do you think is more powerful? Which do you think is more likely to be shared or acted upon?

Yes, a blog is a lot of work, but it can validate everything else you do in your marketing plan. Get started today!

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