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5 Best YouTube Practices for Businesses

Jessica Brannen / January 6, 2016

Created by three PayPal employees in February 2005, YouTube has risen from just a few short clips to over 300 hours of video streamed every minute. According to a July 2015 report by Google, YouTube shows no signs of slowing down: -YouTube now has more than 1 billion active users. -YouTube watch time has increased […]


10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Get Your Life Organized

Jessica Brannen / December 30, 2015

Welcome to the crazy life of busy. With the constant chime of alarms, messages, and calls, your desk is not a jungle, but a five o’clock traffic jam. You look around and see nothing but clutter: rings from coffee mugs, bright sticky notes with scribbles and scratches, candles you bought to relax which now sit […]


How to Capture Christmas Day Photos Like a Pro

Jessica Brannen / December 23, 2015

Christmas is filled with plenty of potentially great photography moments: snowmen, santas, lights on houses, ornaments under trees, kids opening presents and spouses surprising one another. If done right, you can capture an array of good feeling: excitement, surprise, happiness, thankfulness. Don’t start Christmas unprepared. If you want great pictures on Christmas and you don’t […]


How You Can Make a Huge Profit Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Jessica Brannen / December 16, 2015

Is it any wonder why YouTube is one of the highest trafficked sites on the web? Video is easy to consume, making difficult concepts easy to understand. Customers don’t have to read complicated text. Just click and watch.


With Teens Fleeing Facebook, Should You Change Your Social Media Strategy?

Andy Fritchley / December 9, 2015

With teenagers fleeing Facebook in droves, should business owners change their social media strategy?


Improve Your Customer Experience like Amazon; Minus the Drones.

Brant Kelsey / December 2, 2015

Amazon has tipped their hand, but don’t run out and buy drones. Instead, concentrate on improving your website’s customer experience in 4 critical areas.


6 Things You Won’t Find on Black Friday

Jessica Brannen / November 18, 2015

This Black Friday, you’ll find sales on TV’s, smartphones, laptops, office chairs, and plenty of electronics. But what about those things you won’t find?
To help you focus on the sales, we found 6 things you probably won’t find on Black Friday.


Don’t Ignore Internal Branding. Your Employees Are Your Customer’s Experience.

Brant Kelsey /

Aside from advertising, employees are the first contact customers have with your brand. Making sure employees deliver a consistent brand experience goes beyond well-documented processes and checklists.


The 3 A’s of Brand-Driven Employees

Brant Kelsey /

From the moment a new employee starts their job, they begin on a journey. The ultimate destination for every employee is that they become a brand-driven employee. During the process, there are three A’s to remember.
First an employee must be immersed in the positive practices and processes that make your company what it is. If your brand has problems at the employee level, this is where you need to snuff it out. Hopefully your company has a good reputation as a great place to work. Otherwise, your hiring process, orientation, and first couple of weeks on the job are the first intimate encounters they have with your company.
What they hear during this time is paramount. As CEO, YOU are the number one brand champion. As you’ve heard, it starts at the top. Talking about the brand everyday with new and seasoned employees makes them aware of just how important a strong brand is.
If well-coached, an employee will transition from an employee who is just aware of the brand’s promise to one that begins to absorb what’s really going on around them. They begin to understand the business objectives. They start to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. If your business is practicing good processes, your employees will absorb them. If your processes are bad, they absorb those too.
A brand ambassador is one that has heard the brand (aware), one that has seen and understands the brand (absorb), and has finally started to live the brand (ambassador).
This is the point when an employee falls in love with the company. They begin to tell everyone they meet about it. They try to get their friends and family to work there. They brag about the great fun they have, how successful the business is, and they try to promote the business “as the only possible choice.” Just like in love, they become passionate about doing a great job for the business, the customers and their co-workers.
Begin to think about how you foster and shape your staff at each phase, and you’ll develop an army of brand-driven employees resulting in a thriving business!