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Why can’t we get enough of animal videos?

Shelley Strickland / April 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 9.58.58 AM

Check out your news feed. Now count up the number of funny, cute and otherwise endearing animal videos. Rather than fighting the phenomenon, maybe we should just give into it. After all, laughter and pets are proven to be stress reducers and mood boosters. So go ahead and enjoy some of our favorite animal videos:


How to Get Tax Day Relief – For Free

kelseyads / April 15, 2015


Tax day getting you down? On the bright side, companies across the country traditionally celebrate the day with lots of freebies. Check out some of these tax-relief deals.


A Sweet Name and Logo for the New Amphitheatre

Shelley Strickland / April 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.23.33 PM

A sweet name and logo for the new amphitheatre at Boyd Park was unveiled during a press conference at Del’avant Event Center on April 9. What was formerly LaGrange’s city park and pool, is now Sweetland Amphitheatre at Boyd Park.


Opening Day Tweet – Touchdown or Fumble?

Shelley Strickland / April 8, 2015


What may have at first seemed like a social media fumble was apparently a purposeful ploy that garnered plenty of attention for Hostess. Making a play for Twitter fans on baseball’s opening day this week, Hostess tweeted a baseball image with one confusing word: TOUCHDOWN.


The Best Brand Hoaxes

kelseyads / April 1, 2015


Marketing is full of pranking opportunities, and what better day to appreciate some of the best brand hoaxes, than April Fool’s Day? We’ve put together a few of our favorites. So have a laugh and enjoy!


Mobile Sites: Why Google is Giving You an Ultimatum

Brant Kelsey / March 25, 2015


In their quest to remain the #1 search engine on Earth and provide visitors with the most relevant search results, Google has finally announced they will be making some big changes on April 21.


Why a Franchise Brand Might Crash and Burn

Brant Kelsey / March 18, 2015


They wanted to be cool. They wanted to be relevant. They wanted to be up-to-date and different. They wanted to be J.C. Penney, sure, but with their 2010 annual sales falling, they wanted to remake their 110-year-old brand into a department store fit for the 21st century. So they hired CEO and former Apple retailer, […]


Atlanta Hawks are a Slam Dunk on Twitter

Andy Fritchley / March 10, 2015


The Atlanta Hawks are doing some provocatively creative things on social media, breaking unwritten rules, engaging with hometown fans, taking jabs at opposing fans and setting a new social norm for sports franchises.


Every Brand Needs a Story

Shelley Strickland / March 4, 2015


Everyone has a story to tell – even your business. And it’s that story that makes people feel something about your company. It’s that story that makes your customers and prospects want to engage with your company and even promote it to others. A good story can compel people to change, drive them to action, […]