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Best Quick Guide to Top 10 Social Media Sites

Shelley Strickland / July 30, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 4.37.37 PM

So many social media sites, so little time. How do you know how to navigate them and which ones matter most? Not only for you personally, but also for your business. Check out our top 10 social media outlets to see which are right for you.


3 Crucial Tips for a Happy Home on the Web

Brant Kelsey / July 22, 2015

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We all know that having a website is paramount to the success of any business these days; nearly everyone has one. However, having a website, new or old, is a lot like homeownership – You don’t realize the amount of time, effort and money involved until you have the pleasure of owning one.


Those Hidden Facebook Photos Are More Visible Than You Think

Jessica Brannen / July 15, 2015

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Have you been tagged in a photo that was either so unflattering or too embarrassing to allow on your Facebook page? Even if you’ve hidden the photos, they may still be out there. Learn how to find and hide these pieces of proof you’re not 100% spectacular.


23 Signs of Facebook Addiction

Jessica Brannen /

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Facebook has become a perpetual distraction, cutting into everyday life – to the point of becoming an addiction for some. Are you or someone you know addicted to Facebook? Take a look at this list to see if you might be a Facebook addict.


Atlanta United FC Launches Brand Identity

Andy Fritchley / July 8, 2015


Major League Soccer now has a name in Atlanta. The 22nd MLS franchise, Atlanta United FC officially launched its new name, logo and club colors at an event held for team supporters in midtown last night . The reveal was made through this video narrated by long-time soccer commentator Jon Champion.


Women’s Soccer Craze – Flash in the Pan or Enduring Obsession?

Shelley Strickland /

WWCup Japan US Soccer_Schu(3)

With 25.4 million viewers on Fox, the Women’s World Cup final was watched by more people than any other soccer game ever shown in the United States on English-language TV. And now the U.S. team will be celebrated with a rare NYC ticker-tape parade. So why all the fuss? And is the women’s soccer craze here to stay or something that will soon fade away?


Name that Firework!

Shelley Strickland / July 1, 2015


There’s more to fireworks than meets the eye. Did you know 12+ different types of aerial fireworks exist – each with a unique name and science behind its colors? Almost like a brand guidelines manual! Here’s how you can impress your friends and family with your fireworks knowledge this July 4th.


Spending & Travel are Heating up for July 4

Jessica Brannen /

Burgers and hotdogs cooking over flames on grill

Check out this infographic to see what your customers are doing for 4th of July.


What’s Your Favorite Vacation? Check Out Photos of Ours

Jessica Brannen / June 24, 2015


Summertime means warmer weather, longer days, lighter workloads (hopefully) – and the chance to get away for a vacation. What makes a vacation so great? It might be the destination, the people you share it with or just simply the joy of doing something different.