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Name that Firework!

Shelley Strickland / July 1, 2015


There’s more to fireworks than meets the eye. Did you know 12+ different types of aerial fireworks exist – each with a unique name and science behind its colors? Almost like a brand guidelines manual! Here’s how you can impress your friends and family with your fireworks knowledge this July 4th.


Spending & Travel are Heating up for July 4

Jessica Brannen /

Burgers and hotdogs cooking over flames on grill

Check out this infographic to see what your customers are doing for 4th of July.


What’s Your Favorite Vacation? Check Out Photos of Ours

Jessica Brannen / June 24, 2015


Summertime means warmer weather, longer days, lighter workloads (hopefully) – and the chance to get away for a vacation. What makes a vacation so great? It might be the destination, the people you share it with or just simply the joy of doing something different.


Summer Reading List for Branding and Business

Brant Kelsey /


Whether you’re traveling to another country, vacationing to the beach, or moving from bed to sofa, take these books with you.


Dadvertising – Top 6 Dad Ads of 2015

Brant Kelsey / June 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.18.47 PM

“Dadvertising” is for more than just Father’s Day. After years (and years) of focus on moms as the decision-makers on household purchases, plenty of brands are now putting dad front and center. From Swiffer and Tide to Dove and Nyquil, brands are portraying dads in more active fatherhood roles.


What do NASA, Star Trek and Kelsey have in common?

Shelley Strickland / June 11, 2015


When is social media like rocket science? When you’re at Social Media Today’s Social Shakeup conference. The two-day event kicked off with a presentation from NASA’s Social Media Manager John Yembrick.


7 Things to Consider When Designing Your Website [infographic]

kelseyads / June 9, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.43.39 AM


Is Your Email Address Making You Look Bad?

Shelley Strickland / June 3, 2015

What does your email address say about you? Hopefully not “I like to party” – unless you’re 21 (and not looking for a job). Or “I like mah-jongg” – unless you’re a retiree living in The Villages. See how people may be judging you based on your email.


Top 10 Qualities of Highly Successful People

Brant Kelsey /


What do you need to find and develop within yourself to be successful? These traits may sound simple, but they lead to remarkable results.