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Mobile Sites: Why Google is Giving You an Ultimatum

Brant Kelsey / March 25, 2015


In their quest to remain the #1 search engine on Earth and provide visitors with the most relevant search results, Google has finally announced they will be making some big changes on April 21.


Why a Franchise Brand Might Crash and Burn

Brant Kelsey / March 18, 2015


They wanted to be cool. They wanted to be relevant. They wanted to be up-to-date and different. They wanted to be J.C. Penney, sure, but with their 2010 annual sales falling, they wanted to remake their 110-year-old brand into a department store fit for the 21st century. So they hired CEO and former Apple retailer, […]


Atlanta Hawks are a Slam Dunk on Twitter

Andy Fritchley / March 10, 2015


The Atlanta Hawks are doing some provocatively creative things on social media, breaking unwritten rules, engaging with hometown fans, taking jabs at opposing fans and setting a new social norm for sports franchises.


Every Brand Needs a Story

Shelley Strickland / March 4, 2015


Everyone has a story to tell – even your business. And it’s that story that makes people feel something about your company. It’s that story that makes your customers and prospects want to engage with your company and even promote it to others. A good story can compel people to change, drive them to action, […]


Meet our Director of OPM

Andy Fritchley /

Shelley_Headshot_USE (2)

Shelley Strickland has joined the Kelsey team as Director of Online Presence Management. In this role, she’s helping develop, build and manage our clients’ online assets and content – always with the goal of advancing exposure and reputation. With more than 20 years’ marketing and writing experience, Shelley offers a unique perspective having worked on both the client […]


THINCing about the Life of a Brand

Andy Fritchley / February 25, 2015


What started out as a vision for Troup County students, is now a reality. Our client, THINC College & Career Academy recently broke ground on their new facility at West Georgia Technical College. Although it seems like just a beginning, so much work has already gone into the creation of a college and career academy […]


How to Get Your Message Heard

Jessica Brannen / February 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.26.08 AM

A few weeks ago, we helped you calculate the monetary value of your emails. If, after calculating your email’s worth, you discovered your emails were, well, worthless, don’t fret. Here are five ways to improve your emails. Step One: Keep Subject Lines Simple   To get to your website, people must first open your emails. […]


5 Apps for Valentine’s Day

Jessica Brannen / February 11, 2015

Man typing love text messages on a smartphone for Valentine's da

Last year, 62 percent of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day, spending $20 billion on flowers, jewelry and romantic dinners. That’s a lot of people – and a lot of money. As such, Valentine’s Day creates a lot of expectations. Expectations that aren’t always easily fulfilled. To help your Valentine’s Day run smoothly, and be less anxious […]


2015 Superbowl Commercials – Which one was made for you?

Jessica Brannen / February 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.36.28 AM

Anyone who watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday undoubtedly watched its famous commercials. Super Bowl commercials have become a staple in football culture: whether funny, serious, or informative, they are watched with high expectations. Yet, did you expect them to be made for you, you specifically? Maybe not. But if you responded positively to […]