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7 Things Not to Say in a Meeting [Infographic]

Dawn Harris / September 11, 2014


If you’re feeling annoyed or undermined at a meeting, consider whether any of these strategies are being aimed at you. And if you don’t want to annoy or undermine other people, avoid talking this way:


Why your brand needs glue.

Brant Kelsey / September 9, 2014

Why your brand needs glue

Brand strength relies on cohesion, or maintaining a positive image that “sticks” with customers. To strengthen your brand, you must remain consistent.


How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Jessica Brannen / September 7, 2014


When someone posts a poor review, you must respond. So, follow these steps toward better responding.   Prepare your mind:  First, calm yourself. If you’re emotions are high, if you feel angry, if you want to tell that customer “you’re […]


Take the Google test.

Brant Kelsey / September 6, 2014


For websites, the best way to “market upstairs” is through search engine optimization (SEO).


6 Must Have Apps for College Football

Stacey Malone / September 5, 2014

6 College Football Apps

We chose six football apps that will keep the game in your daily life.


10 Signs You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Dawn Harris / September 2, 2014

Entrepreneur Teaser 1

From confidence to curiosity, there are certain attributes that are inherently entrepreneurial.


The right ways to request social media reviews.

Jessica Brannen / August 29, 2014


Imagine you’re a server. A table at your restaurant is having a great time. They love you, give you compliments, know you by name. So you decide to pop the question. You approach the table. Four faces turn to you. […]


Top 10 Qualities of Highly Successful People [Infographic]

Dawn Harris / August 22, 2014


What do you need to find and develop within yourself to be successful? These traits may sound simple, but they lead to remarkable results.


10 Ways to Sit Less at Work [Infographic]

Dawn Harris / August 19, 2014


Sitting is for you, but there are ways to combat the sedentary–WITHOUT GYM EQUIPMENT IN THE OFFICE.