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Do the Zag or Tramp Abroad: Kelsey Summer Reading List

Brant Kelsey / July 9, 2014


Whether you’re traveling to another country, vacationing to the beach, or moving from bed to sofa, take these books with you.


[Infographic] What are your customers doing 4th of July?

Steven Porrello / July 3, 2014

  Over the last 2 years, 4th of July spending has nearly doubled. What are people spending on?    


What’s fast and hard to capture? Sparkler writing (but here’s how).

Steven Porrello / July 2, 2014


Since Friday is America’s Independence Day, everyone is out buying fireworks. And if you haven’t bought sparklers, you’ll want to after we reveal the secret of sparkler writing photography. Item Checklist 1. Camera: you’ll want a camera that has an […]


Billboards Gone Wrong.

Jessica Brannen / June 25, 2014


Sheets in the pool. One beer boat parties. Dogs and Tito the lawyer? Clearly, these eleven billboards messed up somewhere. But let’s be serious for a second. We laugh at these billboards, not because of any intended humor, but because […]


Could This be the Atlanta MLS Team Name?

Andy Fritchley / June 3, 2014

Atlanta MLS Team Name

Major League Soccer is coming to Atlanta – team names like the “Atlanta Phoenix,” “Premier Atlanta,” and “Atlanta Firebirds” have been thrown around, but nothing has really stuck in the minds of fans. Not yet, at least.


How a Walk in the Garden Provided Inspiration

Stacey Malone / May 28, 2014


Have you ever missed the mark on an advertisement or blog post, because you really did not have full understanding of your client and their needs?


Why Do Some Blogs Fail to Generate Traffic?

Brant Kelsey / May 21, 2014

What’s the Trick to Traffic? Simply put, there is a contract between writer and reader. The reader will not return if he or she feels as though their time was wasted. Give a reader nutritious content and he or she […]


How To Be More Creative: Tips From An Agency

Andy Fritchley / April 30, 2014

Tips to be more creative

When you work in an ad agency, you’re just expected to be creative. Clients expect clever ideas and it’s our job to deliver those ideas. True creativity can be a challenge, so here are nine tips that precipitate the right environment for creativity.


Six Brand Lessons From the Pawn Stars

Andy Fritchley / January 10, 2014


Watch enough episodes of Pawn Stars and you’ll realize the show isn’t just about antique collectibles.


Hey Mister, Got Any Gas Money?

Brant Kelsey / December 26, 2013

Getting a new logo is no substitute for a good plan and appropriate marketing budget. That’s like buying a new brand new car, but having no gas money.