6 Tips to Market on Pinterest

Jessica Brannen / July 26, 2016

In one year, Pinterest has risen from a 48.7 followers to 100 million users.

With 81% of online consumers trusting information and advice from Pinterest and 47% making decisions off Pinterest pins, Pinterest is the place for your brand.

But, to those unfamiliar with the platform, Pinterest can be difficult. So we’ve put together these 6 tips to help your business succeed on Pinterest.

Set up your beginning boards.

Your Pinterest is like a giant room filled with bulletin boards. Some are small. Others are large. But each one relates to your business.

Set up a board by clicking “Create board.” Now, you’ll want to do a few things to fully optimize your boards. First, create an easily recognizable name. For instance, if you specialize in dresses, and you want a board with wedding dresses, don’t name your board, “White Wedding.” It’s creative, sure, and it’s a Billy Idol song, but it’s not easily associated with what we’d find on your board.

Next, give a short description of your board. For this, I like single words. For the dress example, you could write, “Wedding dresses. Designer. Vera Wang.” Whatever your description says, it should easily convey the board’s purpose.

Finally, categorize your board and start pinning.

Space out your pins.

Beginner pinners make the mistake of pinning mass amounts in a short amount of time, then stopping. When you pin a lot at once, you also decrease your chances of showing up in your followers’ newsfeeds.

Instead, space out your pins. Usually, the best time to pin is 2 – 4 pm. Consider pinning five things at 2:15pm, another five at 3:15pm, and a final five at 4:00pm.

Comment on other’s pins.

Right now, pinners usual pin, repin, and like. Though, like Facebook, Pinterest has a comments system, pinners don’t use it. That doesn’t mean comments aren’t well-received. Everybody likes feedback and comments. Thus, this would be the ideal time to get noticed by commenting on pins you like.

Write good copy.

When you pin or repin, you’re given the option of writing something short and sweet about your pins. Most of the time, pinners will fail to take advantage of this. Instead of writing something descriptive or telling, they write uninteresting and selfish copy. “I like this,” “this looks cool,” “wow, never thought I’d see this.”

Restrain from writing such copy. When you find something you like or dislike, give an honest opinion. You’ll find people trusting your words and even repinning them.

Leave watermarks on original pins.

If you’re using Pinterest for your business, you’ll want to create original pins for your products.

Ideally, people will repin and share your original pins. To keep people returning to your Pinterest account, watermark your original pins. That is, put your brand somewhere on the pin.

Always have a call-to-action.

Lastly, never forget a call-to-action (CTA). You can put this in the copy, or you can comment on your pins with a clear CTA. Your CTA could be a link to your website, product listing page, blog and more. But don’t leave your audience wondering where to go next. Direct them to a page where they can make a purchase.


An advertising graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Jessica Brannen brings a strategic and creative eye to managing social media and online presence for Kelsey's clients.

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