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Understanding Social Persuasion and Why Your Brand Needs It

Andy Fritchley / February 15, 2019

We’re affected by persuasion multiple times throughout the day. In this article, Andy Fritchley discusses why brands need to become experts at persuading.


9 Logos with Hidden Messages

kelseyads / February 11, 2019

We all recognize famous logos like FedEx, Tostitos and Adidas. These brands are memorable not only because of their exposure but also because of the thought and intention designers put into creating them. While a logo is only a small piece of a company’s brand, the logo is an important touchpoint for how a brand […]


How To Revamp Your Social Media In 2019

Sarah Bearden / January 4, 2019

It’s a new year, which means is time to step up/adjust your social media strategy. Learn what you need to do in order to dominate social this year.


A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way – For Brands

Sarah Bearden / November 9, 2018

Picture yourself standing in the coffee aisle at the grocery store. You’ve narrowed your search for the perfect coffee down to two products. The first coffee is a well-known brand. The familiar logo instantly catches your attention. The second coffee is more expensive and does not have traditional coffee packaging. Its unfamiliar packaging draws you […]


The 3 A’s of Brand-Driven Employees

Brant Kelsey / May 23, 2018

From the moment a new employee starts their job, they begin on a journey. The ultimate destination for every employee is that they become a brand-driven employee. During the process, there are three A’s to remember.
First an employee must be immersed in the positive practices and processes that make your company what it is. If your brand has problems at the employee level, this is where you need to snuff it out. Hopefully your company has a good reputation as a great place to work. Otherwise, your hiring process, orientation, and first couple of weeks on the job are the first intimate encounters they have with your company.
What they hear during this time is paramount. As CEO, YOU are the number one brand champion. As you’ve heard, it starts at the top. Talking about the brand everyday with new and seasoned employees makes them aware of just how important a strong brand is.
If well-coached, an employee will transition from an employee who is just aware of the brand’s promise to one that begins to absorb what’s really going on around them. They begin to understand the business objectives. They start to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”. If your business is practicing good processes, your employees will absorb them. If your processes are bad, they absorb those too.
A brand ambassador is one that has heard the brand (aware), one that has seen and understands the brand (absorb), and has finally started to live the brand (ambassador).
This is the point when an employee falls in love with the company. They begin to tell everyone they meet about it. They try to get their friends and family to work there. They brag about the great fun they have, how successful the business is, and they try to promote the business “as the only possible choice.” Just like in love, they become passionate about doing a great job for the business, the customers and their co-workers.
Begin to think about how you foster and shape your staff at each phase, and you’ll develop an army of brand-driven employees resulting in a thriving business!


How does Graphic Design Impact You?

kelseyads / May 22, 2018

You may be surprised to find examples of design surrounding you almost anywhere you are. Understanding exactly what graphic design is may change your interpretation of how design can benefit you or your company.


Why is Your Brand Positioning Important?

Brant Kelsey /

Brand positioning, in its purest form, is about making the right marketing decisions at the right time. But how do you decide which brand positioning decisions are the right ones? And how do you make those right decisions consistently?


How To Be More Creative: Tips From An Agency

Andy Fritchley / October 25, 2016

When you work in an ad agency, you’re just expected to be creative. Clients expect clever ideas and it’s our job to deliver those ideas. True creativity can be a challenge, so here are nine tips that precipitate the right environment for creativity.


Where does your company rank? Take the Google test.

kelseyads / October 2, 2016

For websites, the best way to “market upstairs” is through search engine optimization (SEO).