Celebrity Social Media Fails

Jessica Brannen / September 16, 2015

To some, social media comes naturally, to others, not so much. And when it doesn’t come naturally to celebrities, the entire world notices. Take a look at these 10 celebrity social media fails that make you wonder “what were they thinking?”


Goldie Hawn Tweets Her Own Name

We’re not sure if this was a rookie move or narcissistic act, but either way, it’s awkward.
Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.36.41 PM

Geraldo Has Compassion, But Only for Koi Fish

Geraldo tweeted about scrambling to save his Koi fish, while Hurricane Sandy victims still had no electricity, food, clean water or even homes. Insensitivity at it’s finest.
Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.35.31 PM

Kenneth Cole Has Poor Taste

Speaking of insensitivity, there’s nothing like being kitschy at others’ expenses. Kenneth Cole takes the cake on this one.


When The Academy Gets It Wrong

It’s always embarrassing to get someone’s name wrong. So when you’re The Academy posting on Instagram about award-winning actress Penélope Cruz, it’s probably best not to call her Salma Hayek.


Gisele’s Idea of Multi-Tasking

Gisele Bündchen posted this image on Instagram with #multitasking. We think Geisel’s idea of multitasking might be slightly different than our own.


Mary J. Blige Makes a Bad Case

While expressing frustrations about being underestimated, Mary J. Blige seemed to prove she may under estimate grammar and spellcheck.

Don’t Worry, Courtney Love Has It Figured Out

Courtney Love tweeted her personal theory on the missing Malaysian flight. “I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick,” wrote Love.  Thank you, Courtney.

Kim Kardashian Posts Something Fake

Rumored to Photoshop half her Instagram photos, it’s not a big surprise Kim Kardashian would post an unoriginal photo. Yet, it’s still odd to post a vacation photo you pulled off Google Image Search.


Louisville’s Mayor Tweets From The Loo

Mayor Greg Fischer tweets his appreciation for this article’s “innovative graphic.”  And while we love his attempt to connect with the people, people really don’t need this much “inside” access.



An advertising graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Jessica Brannen brings a strategic and creative eye to managing social media and online presence for Kelsey's clients.

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