How to Grow Your Company’s Facebook Audience

Jessica Brannen / September 12, 2016

Determine your Target Audience

Some look at Facebook fans as they look at money: the more, the better. But Facebook should not turn into a rat race for numbers. Remember the old adage: it’s better to have one Facebook fan who cares about your business than ten who don’t.

Instead of numbers, focus on your ideal Facebook audience. How old are they? Where do they live? What are their primary interests? Once you determine this, can you start finding friends.

Be Transparent: Show your Business in Action

When we started using Facebook for Kelsey A&D, we used Facebook as an educational bulletin board. Blog articles. Statistics. Infographics. Our goal was to engage by education.

At first, we saw success. Then, our audience engagement fell. The data didn’t lie: educational material alone did not elicit response.

So we decided to try something different. We treated Facebook like a photo album: in lieu of just blog articles, we posted photos of our staff celebrating birthdays, eating at restaurants, working in the office, having fun. That’s when we discovered the law of transparency.

Facebook was created for telling memorable stories. If you want more fans on Facebook, you’ll have to post native content that fits this purpose. Nobody goes to Six Flags in a tuxedo. And nobody goes to a wedding in a muscle shirt and sweatpants. You wear what’s appropriate to the context. But you know what: if they did, you can guarantee it would be on Facebook, because that’s a story worth telling to your friends.

So be transparent and tell better stories.

Be Helpful: Respond to your Customers

Another lesson we learned was the law of response: the more you respond to customers, the more they respond to you. When you first begin using Facebook for your business, you may disregard responding to customers. This, however, is dangerous.

When you don’t respond, you’re not encouraging activity. No activity on your Facebook page eventually turns your Facebook into a ghost town.

Respond to your fans. If they comment on your post, comment back. If they say congratulations for winning an award, thank them. If you see a fan has won an award, congratulate him. Like, comment, and share. Just whatever you do, don’t be silent.

Vary your Post Times

The majority of people check their Facebook once in the morning (before work) and once in the evening (after work). Most Facebook gurus agree that mornings and evenings are the ideal time to post.

Unfortunately, peak times mean more traffic. And the more traffic the less your voice is heard.

What we suggest, then, is to post not only during peak times, but also during non-peak times.

Post all Kinds of Content

Lastly, remember to post different types of content. Pictures and videos will elicit the most response, so make sure you include this in your content strategy.

In addition to different kinds of content, vary your type of content. On Mondays, post something about your business. Then, Tuesday, post something fun, a trivia fact or crazy statistic. Wednesday, post a video. Thursday, pictures. Friday, a great article from Forbes. Then start over. 

Need help or advice? Contact us, we’re here to help.


An advertising graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Jessica Brannen brings a strategic and creative eye to managing social media and online presence for Kelsey's clients.

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