How does Graphic Design Impact You?

kelseyads / May 22, 2018

You may be surprised to find examples of design surrounding you almost anywhere you are. Understanding exactly what graphic design is may change your interpretation of how design can benefit you or your company.

Graphic design is the most pervasive art in our world today. It is spread throughout the branches of almost every entity of our lives. Simply put, designer and columnist Jessica Helfand said, “graphic design touches everything we do… it is the art of visualizing ideas.” In order to fully understand this statement, you must stray from the normal realm of what you feel is art.

Take a look at the book sitting beside you, the empty beverage can on your desk, the website you are browsing or the billboard you drive past every morning. All of these items have been carefully and thoughtfully executed by a graphic designer. Designers of all forms are collaborators and problem solvers charged with choosing and executing the best solution possible and with that, achieving progress. Sometimes that progress is a boost in sales or sometimes it is just to make an idea or concept understood. If consumers react to the solution (ie. an intriguing book cover, a tempting soda can, an easily navigated and aesthetically appealing website, or an enticing billboard), then the designer has made a step in the right direction towards achieving progress.

One very recognizable example of a graphic solution taking a step in the right direction is Coke Zero. Coke had the need to re-launch their Coca-Cola Classic as well as launch a new product which had “zero” sugar. This no-calorie drink was designed to appeal to men with a range in age of early 20’s and up. With it’s sleek masculine black and silver design and the concept of “it’s not a ‘diet’ drink, it’s the real thing with zero calories”, Coke Zero was a huge success slamming into the market and quickly becoming the 3rd biggest-selling cola product in its category. This success can be attributed to a gap in the market that was identified, targeted and effectively marketed to with well-done package design by Turner Duckworth and followed up by an extensive online campaign by Crispin Porter Bogusky. This was Coca-Cola’s largest product launch in 22 years.

At Kelsey, design is at the root of all we do. Each marketing strategy requires graphic design work in some way or another. This is because today’s world is focused on visual representation. Consumers spend very little time looking at ads, therefore; in order to be effective, ads must be eye-catching. And let’s face it, images are way more eye-catching than words. Below is an example of graphic design work that we did for one of our clients. 

Immediately noticed or not, graphic design touches everything we do. Realizing how design can impact you as a reader, consumer, user, or customer, may not only change how you interpret a product but also how you utilize design in your everyday life or business. Next time you have a moment, take a look around and reflect how graphic design touches you and your business. Ask yourself: How could you better utilize the power of a solution?


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