How To Revamp Your Social Media In 2019

Sarah Bearden / January 4, 2019

Even though social media continues to evolve, the actual day to day posting can be cumbersome. It’s easy to become what I call a robot poster meaning that your posts have no thought behind them. Robot posts have little to no return on investment and can actually hurt your business more than they help it. If your posts have no purpose, customers will eventually categorize all of your posts as irrelevant. When this happens, people stop paying attention to your brand. When it comes to crowded timelines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you need to be different. Since my job is to post on social media every day, I’ve become very familiar with the types of posts that work, and do not work. Here’s what you need to do to revamp your social media and have a stellar year!

Increase Your Boosting Budget

It’s time to start taking social media seriously. Stop spending $1,000 on a print ad in the phonebook and increase your spending budget for social media ads. You can actually track the performance of these ads and you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience. If you’re still not on board, think about this… according to Facebook, on average only 16% of your followers see your post if it’s not boosted. For most businesses, it’s more like 2% of your followers. You can blame Mark Zuckerberg for that. Either way, if you want your customers to see your posts and you want new customers to find your page, you must boost!

Video > Text

Think about the type of content that draws you in when you’re on your social media channels. Most likely it’s video content. It’s time to go back to the classroom, and by the classroom I mean YouTube. Learn how to edit and shoot video and you’ll be set. YouTube has all sorts of tutorials on how to shoot and edit amazing videos. If you want to stay relevant, you need to start incorporating videos into your social media strategy.

Take Advantage of Stories

If you’re not posting Facebook and Instagram stories, you‘re missing out. Stories are great ways to capture the attention of your customers without making an entire post on the subject. For example, instead of making an entire post about what your specials are that day, post it on your story. Stories also allow you to change things up by posting boomerangs, (a clip that plays forward and backward in a sequence) gifs and slickers.

Get Personal

Do you remember when Facebook first started? Things were different. Posts were authentic and heartwarming. Somewhere along the way, Facebook lost its way, but it’s trying to find itself again. If you don’t believe me, just watch this video they released a few months back. The new direction, or old direction if we’re being honest, is personal. If you want to be successful, say goodbye to stock photos and lame quotes. Show your customers who you really are and what you really believe in. This is the type of content they will actually pay attention to, and this is how you sell your product without saying, “buy my product” in a million different ways. But most importantly, Facebook likes to show these types of posts to your customer so you’ll get way more bang for your buck.

Limit Your Posting- Quality Over Quantity

I’m about to say something that might blow your mind. You don’t need to post every detail on social media. Sometimes less is more when it comes to posting. There’s a sweet spot for each industry, you just need to determine what that sweet spot is for your business. Everything you post should bring value to your business. If it doesn’t, then why post it? “Filler posts” just cause people to pay less attention to important posts.

Get Creative

It’s time to draw outside the lines. If you find yourself watching your competitors and trying to recreate their posts, STOP! That won’t help you stand out. If you’re competing against other strong businesses, you need to set yourself apart. Figure out what you have, that they don’t have and use that to your advantage. Next, figure out different ways to advertise what sets you apart. Have a brainstorming sesh with some our your customers and employees and figure out what they feel makes you different.

If all this sounds amazing but you just don’t have the time or expertise to do these things yourself, let us help. Would a dentist hire a mechanic to assist him in the office? No way, which is why if you’re not trained in marketing, you should probably hire a marketing professional to help you.  We know a few here at Kelsey. Give us a call or send me an email at to set up a time to meet.


Sarah serves as the Vice President of Digital Media at Kelsey Advertising and Design in LaGrange, Georgia. She joined our team in May of 2018 upon graduating from LaGrange College. She works with a variety of clients but has a passion for working with brands that impact others in a positive way.

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