Kelsey articles related to Facebook.

How to Grow Your Company’s Facebook Audience

Jessica Brannen / September 12, 2016

Some look at Facebook fans as they look at money: the more, the better. But Facebook should not turn into a rat race for numbers. Remember the old adage: it’s better to have one Facebook fan who cares about your business than ten who don’t.


23 Signs You’re Addicted to Facebook

Jessica Brannen / May 3, 2016

Facebook has become a perpetual distraction, cutting into everyday life – to the point of becoming an addiction for some. Are you or someone you know addicted to Facebook? Take a look at this list to see if you might be a Facebook addict.


Those Hidden Facebook Photos Are More Visible Than You Think

Jessica Brannen / July 15, 2015

Have you been tagged in a photo that was either so unflattering or too embarrassing to allow on your Facebook page? Even if you’ve hidden the photos, they may still be out there. Learn how to find and hide these pieces of proof you’re not 100% spectacular.