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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way – For Brands

Sarah Bearden / November 9, 2018

Picture yourself standing in the coffee aisle at the grocery store. You’ve narrowed your search for the perfect coffee down to two products. The first coffee is a well-known brand. The familiar logo instantly catches your attention. The second coffee is more expensive and does not have traditional coffee packaging. Its unfamiliar packaging draws you […]


Best College Mascots

kelseyads / August 19, 2015

College football season is just around the corner, and with it comes tailgating, rivalries, honored traditions – and school mascots. For better or worse, college football mascots are an extension of the school’s brand. A good mascot embodies the brand of the college, is memorable and excites fans and followers. See if your school is among this list of 15 top mascots for 2015.


Atlanta United FC Launches Brand Identity

Andy Fritchley / July 8, 2015

Major League Soccer now has a name in Atlanta. The 22nd MLS franchise, Atlanta United FC officially launched its new name, logo and club colors at an event held for team supporters in midtown last night . The reveal was made through this video narrated by long-time soccer commentator Jon Champion.


Brand Crisis Averted: How the NFL stuck it to the New Orleans Saints

Andy Fritchley / April 2, 2012

The National Football League – commonly referred as the NFL or just ‘the league’ – is a favorite pastime of mine. Throughout the year, pro football is the prime mode of entertainment for millions of fans worldwide. Primarily I enjoy the exceptional product the NFL puts on the field. Any given Thursday, Sunday, or Monday, […]