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Atlanta Hawks are a Slam Dunk on Twitter

Andy Fritchley / March 10, 2015

The Atlanta Hawks are doing some provocatively creative things on social media, breaking unwritten rules, engaging with hometown fans, taking jabs at opposing fans and setting a new social norm for sports franchises.


Rebranding the Washington Redskins

kelseyads / September 29, 2014

Or should I write, Red*****? In June, the United States Patent and Trademark office declared the eighty year-old football nickname “disparaging” to Native Americans, as they immediately stripped the franchise of its trademark registration.


Could This be the Atlanta MLS Team Name?

Andy Fritchley / June 3, 2014

Atlanta MLS Team Name

Major League Soccer is coming to Atlanta – team names like the “Atlanta Phoenix,” “Premier Atlanta,” and “Atlanta Firebirds” have been thrown around, but nothing has really stuck in the minds of fans. Not yet, at least.


Brand Crisis Averted: How the NFL stuck it to the New Orleans Saints

Andy Fritchley / April 2, 2012

The National Football League – commonly referred as the NFL or just ‘the league’ – is a favorite pastime of mine. Throughout the year, pro football is the prime mode of entertainment for millions of fans worldwide. Primarily I enjoy the exceptional product the NFL puts on the field. Any given Thursday, Sunday, or Monday, […]


Is the Los Angeles Lakers brand dead?

Andy Fritchley / May 9, 2011

A truly extraordinary brand begins to decline into mediocrity once a mindset of ‘good enough’ is accepted in its company culture. Truly exceptional brands never stop getting better and continually look for ways to improve. ‘Good enough’ is just another way of saying, ‘I am content with meeting expectations.’ Typically, meeting expectations makes great business […]