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What Should Your Company Website Say?

Brant Kelsey / May 9, 2016

What is content? Simply put, content is the text on your website and webpages. Search engines, such as Google love these texts. Without content, your website will fade into the shadows of Google, far from the first page, far from every eye and every active reader.


Why Infographics are Effective Ways to Communicate [Infographic]

Jessica Brannen / October 20, 2015

With human attention spans diminishing, infographics are becoming one of the most popular forms of social content.


How to Get Your Message Heard

Jessica Brannen / February 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, we helped you calculate the monetary value of your emails. If, after calculating your email’s worth, you discovered your emails were, well, worthless, don’t fret. Here are five ways to improve your emails. Step One: Keep Subject Lines Simple   To get to your website, people must first open your emails. […]


What is an email worth?

kelseyads / January 28, 2015

Emails predate almost everything on the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and, believe it or not, even the web itself. Though we have many digital marketing tools available, emails still retain their lead-nurturing, profit-generating power. That is, an email can easily convert a lead into profit. Just consider, for instance, these numbers released by the […]


5 Areas to Keyword Optimize [Infographic]

kelseyads / October 8, 2014

Anytime you use a word online—whether it’s in a blog post title, or a URL address—you automatically engage in SEO and keyword research.


How to Use Content Marketing to Attract Qualified Leads

Brant Kelsey / December 23, 2013

Instead of spending dollars trying to advertising hoping customers notice and remember, you use content to “pull” qualified visitors into your site.